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Bocalicious is an innovative and exclusive range of delicious jars.  This new sweet and savoury range has been launched in Weck jars. The savoury range consists of 3 warm starters or traditional meals to be heated in the oven. The sweet range includes 3 individual indulgent artisan desserts.

This new range meets the needs of professionals and consumers by proposing revisited traditional recipes.  The recipes are made with natural high-quality ingredients.


Croc’In is our brand for our high quality pastry shells. We offer a wide range of innovative shapes and distinct flavours including savoury, short crust, Belgian chocolate, nougatine and neutral. The pastry shells are ready to be filled and can be frozen or baked with a maximum of crunchiness! Stored at room temperature, the pastry shells have a long shelf life. We have developed special packaging to prevent any breakage. Croc’In, a world benchmark for chefs, exports its products to 5 continents through distributors of haute cuisine.

Rolph & Rolph

Rolph & Rolph is our brand for our exclusive frozen creations, ready-to-consume. We offer high quality desserts and appetizers. We enjoy reinventing forms and textures and adapt them to our customers requirements. The sweets and savouries answer to the needs of chefs including home-made appearance and natural ingredients. The Rolph & Rolph glasses are trendy and innovative, to be savoured in a magical moment.

The Food n’Joy group

Located in Belgium, Food n’Joy is a family business which manufactures food products of the highest quality.
Our passion for food, novelty and innovation continually drives us to rethink our products and services. Curious and inventive, we look at developments and trends in our environment to swiftly and regularly adapt to these changes. We offer a working environment in which our employees can express their talent and develop their skills. Confidence, initiative, autonomy, fun, humor and conviviality: these are some of the values we endorse every day.


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